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Swindon to Paris 2020

The Vets 4 Pets 2020 Swindon to Paris ride will be raising funds for two hugely deserving veterinary charities, Vetlife and Wildlife Vets International.  They are both really exited to be part of this event and in addition to raising awareness for the ride, they will also be getting involved in supporting you all on the ride to Paris.

We are aiming to raise £20,000 for our two charities, so the sooner you get your fundraising started the better!

The Charities

wildlife vets_logo.png

WVI saves endangered species by providing in-country veterinary support and establishing capacity through partnerships with local organisations.

In laymans terms, we train field staff and local vets in the concepts behind wildlife disease, provide them with bespoke training guides, help them include disease surveillance in their everyday conservation activities and facilitate networks and the improvement of diagnostic facilities in country.

We do this by working with well established partners on the ground. Our vets visit projects annually and provide back up support through out the year via the internet.

WVI is also working on frameworks that will provide information and a professional community to consult that will be made available to practioners and vets in the field

Find out more by clicking here

Vetlife is a registered charity which supports the veterinary community by providing:


  • Vetlife Helpline

  • Vetlife Financial Support

  • Vetlife Health Support


You can read more about our work here

Suicide is four times more common among vets than the general population, and for a variety of reasons it can be very hard for vets who are struggling to access support.  

We know that through all of us working together we can truly make a difference to the lives of those in the veterinary community who experience difficulties

Setting Up your Sponsorship Page

Here are some simple steps to setting up your fundraising page:

  • Get started by heading to the V4P2P hub page 

  • Scroll down to "Link your personal fundraising challenge' and click 'Next'

  • You will be asked to sign in or register

  • When asked 'What are you doing to raise money?' you can answer 'Vets4Pets2Paris 2020'

  • Confirm the event, confirm the charities, and scroll down to 'Create my page'

  • Set your target.  The minimum is £500 - but please aim for £1000 so we can get to our target of £20,000

  • Upload your story (you can just copy and paste the story on our main page then edit it to be a bit more personal) , then upload one of the attached profile pic's or choose your own

  • Upload a cover photo (a personal one is best, but, if you need one, we can provide a selection of cycling related pics)

  • That's it!  You're all set to get fundraising!  Good Luck!

Fundraising Tips

  • Make it personal 

       People are much more likely to donate if your fundraising page is personalised, so upload photos and videos of 

       yourself in the 'my story ' section  - tell people why you're doing this, they'll want to know it is something you care about.

  • Keep it up to date

       You can update your story on the Virgin site.  Post the link to it on your Facebook page whenever you do something

        like a good training session, also get the information out on your practice / store Facebook. 

  • Make sure your first donation sets a good standard

       This is really important, as people often decide how much to sponsor you based on the last donation made. 

       Ask a family member or one of your more generous friends to get the ball rolling!

  • Have a spring clear out  

       Why not have a spring clean and take your unwanted stuff to a car boot sale then put the proceeds towards

       your sponsorship? 

  • Have a Cake Sale  

       Everyone loves cake.  Especially cyclists.  So release your inner Mary Berry and amaze your colleagues and customers

       with your bake-off skill.s.  A tasty and fun way to raise sponsorship and get people talking about your challenge

  • Tell everyone

       Make sure you tell everyone about your challenge, friends, family, colleagues, customers, put up information in your

       practice / store on reception on at the tills so you get the word out.  If a customer/client thinks you've gone the extra

       mile and it seems appropriate why not ask them to donate?

  • Add a fundraising message / link to your email footer

       Most people don't choose not to donate, they just forget.  Having a little note on every email acts as a subtle, but

       constant reminder to colleagues, customers and clients to donate that tenner they promised

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